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LA Democrats can't see Vitter wins because of issues

Republican Sen. David Vitter is about to get reelected to office, and Democrat activists from their standard-bearer in this contest Rep. Charlie Melancon on down are too closed-minded to understand why it’s going to happen. Let me assist them, beginning with the words I wrote (after detailing why Vitter should not resign) posted Jul. 11, 2007, right after Vitter made acknowledgement of commission of an unspecified “serious” sin:

… any punishment for Vitter would have to come from the ballot box. And the public in other instances has shown that, as long as he votes the way they want (he does for a majority in the state) and for the best public policy (his conservative voting record affirms that) that’s where they hold their real trust in him …. Three years provides much time for Vitter to continue to perform in this way to shore up any support which now may be flagging, as long as it is not demonstrated that his past misdeeds went beyond infidelity and that his repentance is sincere (meaning the behavior did stop some time ago). At this point, Vitter would be highly unlikely to leave office early, and must be considered the favorite win to reelection in 2010.

It’s reported that Democrats seem perplexed why Vitter will defeat, probably blowing out by double-digits, Melancon. They blame the state’s media for not being “aggressive” enough about reporting the scandal (Vitter’s phone number appearing on a list of calls to an operation of a woman accused of running a prostitution ring as his subsequent – a view representing a wholesale flight from reality. As I noted previously, a year after his statement, in the previous six months no fewer than 128 mentions were made of the incident in the largest Louisiana newspapers or in wire stories – over two every three days. It hasn’t really abated, either – 89 such references have been made in the previous six months from today, one every other day during the height of the campaign season.

Melancon claims it’s “partisan” politics; “Some people, because he is a Republican, because he isn’t a Democrat, because of what, I don’t know,” have decided the scandal is not an issue, Melancon said. Well, let me clue in this dunderhead, who finally makes sense when he admits it’s because of “what, I don’t know.” OK, here is that “don’t know” you and so many other Democrat operatives have been looking for: it’s the issues, stupid.

What I wrote over three years ago came to pass. Vitter has faithfully captured what the majority of Louisianans want, advocating a conservative agenda the superiority of which has been magnified by the inadequacy of liberalism when translated into policy over the past 21 months, of which Melancon has been a willing and unrepentant supporter. Historically, Louisiana voters have been more willing to concentrate on issues than personalities when they are aware or perceive that their issue preferences have been met.

In days gone by, it was more perception. Liberal populists like Melancon’s one-time boss Prisoner # 03128-095 (better known as former Gov. Edwin Edwards) would create the perception they were doing good by giving away stuff which worked when Louisianans typically were much less educated than now and information sources were far fewer. Thinking they were getting good policy, voters responded by putting the likes of these characters into office despite their ethical shortcomings in their personal lives.

Today, the Louisiana electorate has a greater ability to understand when the issue preferences of the majority are and are not being addressed by candidates. Vitter has done that to its liking, Melancon has not. And Vitter has pulled this off despite the image he has for being the exact opposite of the typical Louisiana politician which enables them to charm voters into casting for them despite having issue preferences that differ from the majority of their constituents.

In a conservative state, the majority favors conservative politicians who deliver. The only apparent reason why Melancon and his ilk can’t see this is sour grapes born of an out-of-touch, blind arrogance where they will blame every other facet for their defeat except the truth: not only are their ideas wrong intellectually, they are wrong for the Louisiana electorate as a whole.


Landman of the Apocalypse said...

Dearest Sadowood,

I am most pleased to hear your report that the Patients’ final damnation is a fait accompli. The Patients’ abandoning their slavish commitment to virtue, opting instead for expediency, individual benefit, and greed, is, indeed, good news. Their overwhelming support for Mr. Vitter, whose public and private morality is antithetical to that of the Enemy, can only be seen as a victory for the dark side.

Though your own efforts in this endeavor were, as usual, quite pathetic, Our Father Below may, nevertheless, grant you pardon so that you may avoid the usual penalties at the House of Correction for Incompetent Tempters. Obama’s carrying Caddo Parish remains a major blemish on your record, but your efforts to befuddle, confuse, and corrupt remain rivaled by few. We can only hope that one day the results of your efforts will be proportionate with the efforts themselves.

Although the safest path to hell is a gradual one, we seem to have picked up the pace. Let us hope that the Patients are not jarred to their senses by the impetuous and obnoxious nature of you and your ilk.

With every good wish for your continued success at the Tempter’s Training College for young demons, I remain

Your devoted uncle,


Mr. Harris Plutocrat said...

Finally Sadow admits the “serious sin”. When it comes to the politicians he worships, he wears such delicate gloves! Truth be told: Vitter is terrible for many reasons, and while the story of another bible-thumping charlatan getting caught red-handed is delicious, it isn’t that big of a deal. Does it show how hypocritical you people are? Yeah, a bit, but his cultivation of hatred against non-existent “domestic enemies” is worse. There are plenty of substantive reasons to look down on this dishonest conspiracy theorist.

Actually, I know you think in such simpleton terms as liberals being collectively “too closed-minded” to grasp why Vitter wins, but it’s totally obvious to everyone. It’s an anti-Obama mood in this state that Vitter is riding. It’s the John Birch Society at the helm, and the grip of delusion is firm. Think about it: you people actually believe that Obama hates this country and deliberately(!) wants to ruin the economy in order to consolidate power and inflict a anti-colonialist worldview and communism. If you are caught up in the delusion of that sort of stuff, that is you actually believe it en masse, then of course your candidate will benefit from a high-turnout against such “evil.”

By the way, I love this line: “advocating a conservative agenda the superiority of which has been magnified by the inadequacy of liberalism when translated into policy over the past 21 months.” The economic disaster is a CONSEQUENCE of your conservative agenda. Obama didn’t cause this mess. And you conservatives think that trucking boatloads of money to the rich, and to be repaid by future poor generations, all while worsening the deficit and debt, that is the solution? We can’t afford any more deficit-growing conservative ideas. We can’t afford any more huge tax breaks. We have to pay off debt like responsible grown-ups.

Also, “Historically, Louisiana voters have been more willing to concentrate on issues than personalities”? You must be out of your mind. Every one of your leading politicians reeks of snake-oil salesman cheese. That includes Dems. Politics in this state is like a circus, and your politicians are the carnies. Louisianans do NOT focus on the issues; this is not a state that is a model of good-governance. Do you mean that they focus on the “issues” like the giant novelty checks that Melancon is apparently gifting to Mexicans streaming across the Red River, along with taxpayer-supported limos? Do you think when the Kingfisher ran the show that nobody paid attention to his personality, and just drilled down to the issues?