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LA GOP lawmakers must resist bad hikes, budget

In sparring with Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards and legislative Democrats over the budget and taxes, to best serve the people Louisiana’s legislative Republicans need to keep a few things in mind.

In the next few days, they will deal with HB 12 by Democrat state Rep. Walt Leger. Now identical (even if the Legislature’s website has failed to keep up with things as of this post’s publication) to HB 27 by Republican state Rep. Lance Harris after Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee action on both, it would extend into perpetuity a third of a penny temporarily put in place over two years ago, set to expire in a month. It also extends the items over which this sales tax would apply.

HB 18 by Democrat state Rep. Katrina Jackson also will come into the queue. It strips the exemption for income taxes paid in other states, which primarily hits middle-class-and-above tax filers. Both have passed the House and await Senate floor action.


Stokes to make Democrats, conservatives choose

If Louisiana Democrats eschew a Trojan Horse strategy for the secretary of state special election this fall, Republican state Rep. Julie Stokes will do her best to make that choice difficult.

Signaling her large appetite for political ambition, Stokes declared earlier this month for the office left open when its former elected occupant Tom Schedler resigned amidst charges of sexual harassment. At this time last year, she was out campaigning for the treasurer’s job that became available with GOP Sen. John Kennedy’s election.

But an unfortunate cancer scare led to her withdrawal just days before qualifying. Happily, she beat back that foe and returned to her legislative duties. Now she hopes to vanquish political opponents for the statewide job.


Memorial Day, 2018

This column publishes every Sunday through Thursday around noon U.S. Central Time (maybe even after sundown on busy days, or maybe before noon if things work out, or even sometimes on the weekend if there's big news) except whenever a significant national holiday falls on the Monday through Friday associated with the otherwise-usual publication on the previous day (unless it is Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, Christmas, or New Year's Day when it is the day on which the holiday is observed by the U.S. government). In my opinion, in addition to these are also Easter Sunday, Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.

With Monday, May 28 being Memorial Day, I invite you to explore this link.