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Nungesser Vieux Carre crime plan falls flat

If trying to compete with other putative candidates for governor next year, Republican Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser would do well not to publicize half-baked ideas.

GOP Treas. John Schroder already has announced he seeks the state’s top job, and Republican Atty. Gen. Jeff Landry seems poised to do the same. Schroder occasionally in the activities of his office can publicize policy credentials transferable to being governor, such as aligning with similar officers in other states to oppose viewpoint discrimination, and for Landry the far left policies pursued and overreach of government power to pursue these committed by Democrat Pres. Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving, presenting him many chances to take Biden Administration policies the bear directly on governance to court, among the latest being stopping the sidestepping of environmental regulatory law.

It's tough to stand out against all that, especially with a day job of overseeing parks and museums and begging tourists of all types to visit the state. So, Nungesser may have thought himself clever when he attempted to leverage public safety concerns to his limited and largely inconsequential official duties to concoct an issue on which to gain publicity.


Data negate Edwards, Orleans kid jab mandates

Science dealt Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards another blow, and Orleans Parish School District officials even more of these, with the latest data out about one Wuhan coronavirus vaccine’s effectiveness on children.

Late last year, over legislator objections, Edwards forced onto the academic year 2022-23 vaccination schedule inoculation for this virus. His muddled reasoning leaned heavily on ideology because the facts – principally that while for children as a whole the virus is more deadly that the flu, but infinitesimally deadly that poses as close to zero risk as conceivable for children and there are elevated levels of side effects that go with vaccination plus a bevy of unknowns – gave him little support for his action. Now, his case has deteriorated even further.

Recently available data, as part of a study undergoing peer review of over a million New York schoolchildren, shows the Pfizer variety works minimally among older children and not at all after about a month among the younger. This mirrors another study of adults that shows after a few months’ protection disappears and at that point the vaccinated become more likely to catch it than the unvaccinated (with many in this category already having had it, developing natural defenses). The culprit appears to be the omicron variant’s architecture, where vaccines initially were developed around other strains. Several accomplished epidemiologists argued the results erase any case for such vaccinations, especially among the youngest, and suggest this would prove universal across different vaccines and variants.


Needed LA pro-female competition bill returns

Republican state Sen. Beth Mizell returns, with SB 44, to the Louisiana Legislature a bill that events have proven even more necessary than when she offered it initially, where it passed only to meet with a mean-spirited veto by Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards eventually upheld.

The bill mirrors her 2021 effort, with elaboration. It mandates that all athletic competitions, from collegiate on down except for those explicitly designed to have biological males and females compete together, provide for same-sex competitors. It very correctly notes the scientifically-indisputable inherent biological development advantages that males obtain over females, regardless of subsequent attempts after birth to change sex by medical interventions, in athletic competitions of speed and strength which would make a mockery of legal equality measures if competitions weren’t kept separate. As of this writing, 17 states have laws of this nature.

While the mainstream media do their best to publicize sob stories about children and young adults of one biological sex trying to participate in sports with the other, along with their predictable slant in favor of that (the limousine liberals at the Louisiana Radio Network headlined their story about the bill starting with “Anti-transgender”), they have little to say about how letting that happen so uncompromisingly discriminates against females and the suffering that girls and women endure with this form of legalized discrimination. However, that blackout hasn’t kept out of the public eye the controversy surrounding formerly male University of Pennsylvania swimmer Will Thomas.


LA wise to drop voting group until its reform

Lost in all the controversy about reapportionment in Louisiana, another election-related matter cropped up right before that special session began, with Republican Sec. of State Kyle Ardoin handling the matter appropriately.

Ardoin withdrew the state from the Electronic Registration Information Center in January, citing questions about the confidentiality of the data involved. The organization serves as a hub for data sharing among over 30 states regarding their voter registration records.

Established a decade ago ostensibly as a clearinghouse for states to check on voter roll accuracy including duplicate registrations, it came under question initially because its seed money came from leftist activist George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and those seven startup states included mostly those governed then by the left. Moreover, it appeared to be a response to the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, established years earlier comprised initially of midwestern states but which expanded to over half the states by the time Louisiana had joined ERIC.


Leftist hypocrisy unmasked at Endymion event

There were two good reasons to attend (if you had the connections or the dough) the Krewe of Endymion’s “Extravaganza” celebration in the Superdome Saturday night or (as I did via the Internet) watch its WVUE TV broadcast or narrowcast: its feting of author and media figure Raymond Arroyo and the rank and overwhelming civil disobedience – and the related hypocrisy – displayed.

Arroyo served as the krewe’s grand marshal. The New Orleans native, who in an interview described his selection as highly desired and enjoyable, even unthinkable when he was a child watching such parades roll by, drew controversy upon his selection. Some killjoys got upset that a guy who appears on Fox News, guest hosts the popular The Ingraham Angle show, and works for the Catholic traditionalist Eternal Word Television Network could draw the honor.

If that upset these nattering nabobs of negativity, none of that came through in the Dome. Images of joyful people abounded without a protest to be seen (or even strategically skillful throws from the crowds designed to bean him, which I observed suffered by marshals from time to time at the dozen or so Endymion parades I attended in the 1980s and 1990s).