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Democrats wasting money on attacks on LA Republicans

Some have mused (including me) whether the election last Dec. 6 of Reps. Anh “Jospeh” Cao and John Fleming signaled Democrat fortunes had reached their crest and now Republicans would begin to ascend at their expense. That trend will manifest with surety if Democrats continue to help out their opponents.

As did every Republican in the House along with 10 Democrats, Cao, Fleming, and Rep. Bill Cassidy, another freshman elected a month prior to them, votes against the version of the “no government left behind” bill that produces massive government spending that swells the national debt almost 10 percent on a liberal wish list of items most of which will produce little economic stimulus in the near future. It also provides for one-time tax breaks of $500 or $1,000 to those families that draw paychecks, but also transfers wealth to those who pay little or no taxes up to the same amount, neither of which provides much if any boost compared permanent cuts for only those who pay taxes.

This the American people see, that this is a far cry from what was promised by Pres. Barack Obama who said he would attack wasteful spending and provide meaningful tax cuts. Polling shows 54 percent do not want it passed in its current form, and even more believe it will not help much and certainly not immediately. Those are nationwide numbers; chances are that at least in Fleming’s Fourth and Cassidy’s Sixth Districts with their higher proportion of conservative voters the number for support are even more dismal.

Yet Democrats have gotten the notion that they should run ads criticizing these three for their votes against this unpopular plan, on the basis that Fleming won narrowly, they think Cassidy would not have won without a black Democrat the party alienated running in the general election as an independent, and because Cao won in a majority black district. Only in the case of Cao are they correct that such ads will pay off by assisting defeat of these incumbents. Even in Cao’s case, that is a kind of defeat, for this represents resources that the party would not usually have to spend, which could have gone elsewhere to help other Democrats.

So let Democrats waste their money on these enterprises. It may presage a coming Republican comeback in 2010 that grows more certain as Obama fumbles away his early days in office by botched appointments and policy charades the American people clearly see through.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jeffrey Sadow. That 61 percent approval rating for President Obama must be torture for you!

Anonymous said...


You are the man. Keep fighting for us conservatives. A comment to the previous post--Obama's approval ratings are slipping away.