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Liberal wackos remind Landrieu, us who she really is

With her supporters disproportionately having fled the state, Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu can’t catch a break as one of the fringe elements that increasingly make up her remaining base of support holds her feet to the liberal fire.

A group called Advocates for Environmental Human Rights occupied her Washington office’s conference room and demanded to see her, accusing her of supporting laxity in environmental regulations in her bill to loot the rest of the country to reconstruct Louisiana after the hurricane disasters. Landrieu eventually briefly complied, and the group proclaimed its stunt as effective.

These wackos really represent no one in the mainstream and hardly anybody outside of it. They get their funding from liberal foundations such as Mitchell Kapor and Ford, and are best known for trying to bring in front of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights alleged harm done residents of Mossville, LA, using the tired and discredited argument of “environmental racism” (the idea that those who may pollute deliberately set up operations to inflict impermissible pollution on racial minorities).

But groups like these realize they make up a bigger part of Landrieu’s shrinking electoral coalition and they are becoming bolder in making her toe the line where political considerations may make her waver from her core beliefs. It’s instructive that one of the leaders of the group specifically pointed out that, even if Landrieu’s legislation is identical to that of Republican Sen. David Vitter, they would protest against Landrieu because they did not consider themselves his constituents: “I don't know if she knows who her constituents are. We're here in her conference room to remind her who they are.”

How true that is, even if these nimrods have little to do with what the people of Louisiana want or what would be good public policy. And this will be an increasing problem for Landrieu, with these liberal activists reminding the world who she really is and that she supports many things a majority of Louisianans are very much against.

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