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Sheep, sophists deny veracity of Jindal remarks

It is an indicator about how much the world has turned upside down when Gov. Bobby Jindal delivers a tepid but insightful response to a well-done but absolutely moronic address by Pres. Barack Obama, and it’s the latter who earns accolades. This attitude already is doing significant damage to the country and that will not go unnoticed by the public.

Jindal’s remarks, if not well-delivered, were spot on. They hewed to what every valid theory about human economic behavior tell us, confirmed statistically throughout history: government that governs the least governs the best, that government cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity, and only by empowering people instead of government can prosperity be attained.

By contrast, Obama’s polished bromides not only revealed a stupidity about optimal economic policy, but were false and misleading. Aside from errors of historical fact, Obama advocated for an incredible surge in spending that he insisted would not significantly increase debt because of tax increases, a stance even his liberal allies questioned afterwards and when the first of his budget proposals began to filter out. Meanwhile, Americans voted with their resources and in the past week have taken $1 trillion out of the markets because they know these ideas will kill growth for the next months or years.

To summarize, Jindal told it like it was and many in the chattering classes tried to knock his effort not only in style, but in content despite the veracity of his message. By contrast, Obama’s polemic reminds one of the old joke, “how do you know when a lawyer is lying – when his mouth is moving,” yet not just gets a pass, but some actually think his ideas have merit. As market performance shows, and as anybody in a pension plan, with an IRA, or with a 401(k) or equivalent can tell, the notion that Obama and Democrats know how to deal adequately with the economy is pure rubbish.

Fortunately, while the American people often can be taken in by glib sophists, over time reality has a habit of waking people up. It’s already beginning to set in, and hopefully we won’t need Carter hangover misery index numbers to drive home the point, with its concomitant losses of economic resources and personal freedom stolen by a government whose ideological tunnel vision will not permit unleashing individuals to improve life for everybody, but instead which rapaciously demands for itself resources in its quest to remake society in its twisted image.

Jindal’s message warns about this (even concerning his criticism about spending on monitoring volcanic activity which, if it is so meritorious, why wasn’t this done in the Democrat Congress the past two years and in the Obama budget instead of imbecilic spending on “green” initiatives based on junk science, larger welfare payments, etc.?) and it is a message that will resonate increasingly as the know-nothings who now run government further shatter the hopes and dreams of the people. The fatcats who lord over the people at present may disparage Jindal’s remarks now, but in years to come his (and others’) prescience will be recognized by the people who will pull these oppressors down from their perches into the dustbin of history that they so richly deserve.

If things continue as they are at present, history will vindicate Jindal’s sentiments, while Obama’s will be dismissed as part of a period of national insanity. Because in the end, substance trumps style and long ago liberals like Obama intellectually disarmed themselves for which no amount of smooth talking can compensate. That there are so many lemmings out there that cannot understand the difference, or provocateurs who want to create a crisis situation to enhance their own power and prestige, is to their everlasting discredit.

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Anonymous said...

Professor Sadow:
Excellent piece! Please keep up the good work. Voices like yours aren't heard, much less heeded, often enough these days. Yes, substance will eventually prevail over style, but I dread the pain that this country will feel until it does.
Charles Hanemann, Houma, LA