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Why bus when you can follow a playbook that works?

Early voting across Louisiana kicked off Monday, the first time ever in U.S. history where “residents” registered in one parish/county could vote in another. This was made possible by a push from the Democrats and allied, many politically radical, interest groups. But they may be barking up the wrong tree.

Only a few dozen people showed up for satellite voting in New Orleans’ elections in Shreveport and a couple of hundred in Baton Rouge. In total, only 1,642 people took advantage of this, the majority in Orleans itself which means they otherwise probably would have voted at the polls Apr. 22. This probably does not meet the expectations of these liberals who were hoping to get a large number of black Orleans registrants to vote to reelect a black Democrat, Ray Nagin, to the mayor’s office, and secondarily to get black Democrats like incumbent Oliver Thomas in city council at-large positions.

Perhaps what these groups should have been doing was following the lead of pro-illegal immigrant groups, backed by the Democrats and liberal interests, who have been doing their best to register all sorts of voters at rallies for legalization of the status of those illegally present in the U.S. Thousands have been signed up at these rallies as a result of hopes of Democrats that they can somehow find new supporters, even if they legally cannot vote, to resurrect a party which increasingly is out of touch with all Americans and their interests.

It’s a strategy that has worked before. Further, illegal immigrants apparently have been pouring into Orleans Parish since the hurricane disasters. Rather than complaining about them, if area Democrats were smart, they would follow their past practice of signing up as many illegal immigrants as possible there in Orleans by, as always, promising them the moon on the backs of the most productive citizens in the country if they’ll vote for Democrats. It would pay off not only for the inevitable May 20 general election runoff for city positions, but in future area and statewide elections.

Of course, citizens concerned with election integrity would oppose such measures. Unfortunately, they have to guard against Democrats' efforts who realize they cannot win elections on the basis of their true beliefs, which is reflected in a number of measures being floated in this legislative session which precisely would erode election integrity.

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