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Name game tells more about Democrats than Jindal

When Louisiana Democrats in their communiqués call Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Bobby Jindal by his given name Piyush even when he prefers his nickname, it tells us a whole lot more about them than it does Jindal.

Democrats say this do this because they wish to highlight the “façade” Jindal represents to the world. What that is, nobody knows, because there’s no substance to the claim. Who Jindal is his voting record in Congress makes clear, one very enabling for the people of Louisiana.

And, at a logical level, the tactic fails utterly. Let’s see, Jindal adopted hsi nickname when he was 4, so I guess at that tender age he already was striving to hone his public image as he eyed a future brilliant career in politics. If you believe that, you’ll also believe Democrats actually have a sensible, helpful agenda for Louisiana, too.

The whole naming reveals precisely that Louisiana Democrats have no realistic agenda for the state’s governance. Deep down, they know the vast majority in the state will reject their ideology, built on the accumulation of power and prestige for the chosen few (themselves), using the people to get there rather than helping enabling them to lead better lives (the ultimate goal of proper government). So, liberal Democrats resort to tactics such as naming people that distract from that terrible reality.

It also provides deeper insight into the liberalism that drives Democrat leaders. Liberal politicians’ dark secret they try to keep out of sight is that they use ethnic minorities for political purposes, rather than do anything to help them, as the incredible laundry list of failed liberal programs demonstrates. This is why they insist on seeing Jindal as a kind of “opportunist” because that is how they themselves see the place of minorities in America: race as an object to be used, as a defining characteristic that overwhelms the individuality of any person. To them it must be highlighted, either as a vote-getter or vote-detractor.

The “opportunity” which they fear is that Jindal’s election this fall will expose their secret, to show the lie that is their mantra that ethnic minorities in America cannot succeed without their Democrat and/or liberal overseers being the engine of this achievement, that non-whites cannot succeed by themselves contrary to what Jindal and conservatives argue. It is why the naming issue is the least of the negative onslaught of imagined crimes that the party will throw at Jindal in the coming months.

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