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LSU System proves capital of LA's covidiots

In a state government with a fair amount of covidiots on the loose from the Governor’s Mansion on down, the Louisiana State University System has proven itself their capital.

This week begins implementation of the irrational vaccine passport on its campuses. Students must present proof of vaccination or recent infection from the Wuhan coronavirus or a recent negative test for it or else face disenrollment. Employees at the Baton Rouge campus have until Oct. 15 to do the same or face adverse personnel actions including the possibility of termination (fortunately, some other campuses in the system aren’t as draconian; for example, they foist these requirements only on students and employees who make on-campus physical appearances). For now, at least campuses have arranged for free periodic testing and shots courtesy of the orgy of spending provided through endless money printing by a federal government run by Democrats.

The policy makes no sense at all if it’s done in the name of “safety;” i.e., forcing the unvaccinated to get poked or prove the don’t have the virus so as to protect others, because it is the unvaccinated at risk and they voluntarily have chosen that status (some on medical advice). One could argue that protection could still come against “breakout” infections of those vaccinated, except that there’s no difference between the viral loads of vaccinated and unvaccinated folks recently exposed. Simply, unvaccinated people are no more likely to threaten to spread the virus to others than those vaccinated.

And the absolute ludicrous demonstration of it came this weekend when LSU hosted McNeese State in football. To enter the stadium, the same protocols and opportunities applied, except rendering shots and tests was restricted and patrons would have to pony up $35 for a test. Keep in mind that a shot takes days, if not weeks, to build immunities and does nothing to prevent spreading the virus right after administration in a crowded stadium.

It's all political theater, to give the impression that government cares and is riding to the rescue of a beleaguered population while simultaneously allowing it to indulge in its subliminal desire to command and control people. Moreover, it’s based on the zero Covid fantasy that policy can eradicate the virus, with the restrictive nature of such a strategy ultimately needlessly injuring human dignity and harming more people than it helps.

Unfortunately, the likes of Athletic Director Scott Woodward, his boss system Pres. William Tate IV, and the Board of Supervisors all stupidly and ignorantly have signed onto this faith, conveying the unmistakable message to future potential students to stay away and to those thinking of applying for staff or faculty positions to understand the system prizes insufferableness over seriousness and not to waste their time considering employment by it. And from aggrieved students starting now or perhaps from employees in a month, it will be interesting to see whether implementation can avoid legal challenges.

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