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And now, for something completely different

Normally, in this space would appear a link to my column that ran in The Advocate. However, The Advocate has let me go as a columnist.

Although I take issue with some of their opinions and news story choices, they are professionals and, for the people I worked with there, about them I have nothing but good things to say. Ultimately, the quality of my work for them was slipping.

Those readers who know something of my life probably can figure out why. Some clues have come from this space; I used to post fairly early each day, and every day Sunday through Thursday. In the past few months, I have been missing on some days and postings have come later and later in the day.

No doubt my smaller profile will bring joy to some (especially my faithful reader at 1001 Capitol Access Road in Baton Rouge). But this forum won’t go away, and I’m hoping to give the Louisiana Legislature Log another go this year at least in a scaled-back format, although I’m unsure how much of that I can continue beyond that.

And, as it did prior to my stint at The Advocate, Louisiana’s premier website for political commentary, The Hayride, will continue to repost what appears here. Some readers also may know that Bayou Buzz also occasionally picks up a post here and there. And those of you who groove to the various Hanna Publications outlets, you will continue to see my weekly column there.

In the coming weeks, some other changes may come to pass to the frequency and format of this blog, now in its 14th year. For now, thanks for reading and hopefully you will continue to find the information and analysis I bring about Louisiana state and local politics either empowering or disturbing to your worldview.

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