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Ganja enforcement change to keep LA grounded

Maybe Louisiana will find itself a bit more grounded as a result of a change in federal marijuana enforcement policy.

This past week, the Pres. Donald Trump Administration announced it would not turn as blind of an eye toward legalization of ganja use in the states. The previous administration essentially had told attorney generals not to prosecute usage in states that decriminalized this. Now, orders have gone out unbinding prosecutors to that.

That means states which, under their law, have decriminalized possession of small amounts of weed, their citizens face increased chance that the federal government will bring them up on charges. Where medical marijuana use has legal status, technically those who use it in any form have a greater risk of arrest for that.

Thus, Louisianans could run afoul of this reversion, as legal changes in the last couple of years allow for practical use of marijuana, in any form excepting its leaves, for medicinal purposes. The revised law permits employing oil, salves, lotions, and other forms for a variety of ailments, although almost none listed has research backing up claims effective treatment. Dispensing to patients, on the basis of a “recommendation” rather than prescription from a doctor as that could threaten licensure, should begin later this year.

That comes as welcome relief for a measure that overpromises and presents too wide of an avenue for abuse. Cannabidiol oil, for example, when mixed into the psychoactive elements of spliff takes the edge off, which will encourage use. It’s not hard to imagine cavalier acquisition of high-quality CBD oil necessary to make for a better trip stemming from the statutory change.

By making this declaration, it could discourage acquisition of the product except by those with real medical needs who would look askance at passing their stash along to buddies or selling it. That works out best both for patients who really could benefit from the substance and society not having to deal with the consequences of more of its member stoned.

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