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Impotent Cazayoux fails constituents a different way

The Democrat playbook for the South – support God and guns, avoid and obscure almost every other issue – it’s getting a mite hard for Rep. Don Cazayoux to handle because the political party to which he pledges his fealty keeps reminding Louisiana voters it does not reflect their views and, as a consequence, neither can Cazayoux.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to schedule activity that could lead to increasing drilling for offshore oil, an activity with little environmental consequence that will send prices down in the short term through knowledge that future supply will be less constricted, and with that supply coming will keep prices down permanently. Understand the ideological imperative why Democrats back Pelosi on this – under the guise of environmentalism, they wish to provoke antipathy towards the private sector because of high fuel prices and to channel frustration into greater acceptance of government intervention. This suits their long term objective of empowering themselves by getting control of government and having government take control more and more of the people’s lives and their resources.

So Pelosi won’t back down, which supposedly disturbs Cazayoux so much that he fires off a letter criticizing the leadership for its varied phantom solutions to a simple regulatory/marketplace problem. And it provide another demonstration of Cazayoux’s strategy to retain power – provide cheap talk but being unable or unwilling to follow through for his constituents.

Simply, Cazayoux cannot overcome the internal contradictions of what put him into office. He says one thing and does another, or complains about the very people he continues to allow to stay in power – both which highlight the fact that his talk is cheap and his constituents deserve far better than what he delivers. The impact of the letter doesn’t so much convey he’s fighting for his constituents but that he’s impotent in doing so – by his own free will.

An intellectually honest lawmaker, rather than talk about, would try to act on his principles, in this instance either trying to oust Pelosi, or to switch parties. But Cazayoux won’t because he agrees with most of what Pelosi and liberal Democrats believe which is the opposite of his district’s ideology. This letter merely tries to deflect people from thinking otherwise and even for those who believe Cazayoux can be two incompatible things at once, it’s clear that he has no influence in the party with this useless effort so what’s the point in having a zero representing you?

The deception works only if the public is not alerted to it. That’s unlikely to occur with a strong Republican candidate, state Sen. Bill Cassidy, facing Cazayoux in fall elections, ready to point our each and every inconsistency. (And, for good measure, Democrat-turned-independent state Rep. Michael Jackson will contribute here as well.) Cazayoux’s high-wire act looks increasingly likely to produce a fall.


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The Peoples House

Simple, ordinary, everyday words are words of clear and unmistakable meaning. President Reagan demonstrated this when he spoke, "Mr Gorbachve, Tear down this wall."

The American people have been waiting for Congress to address the energy crises, yet both houses of Congress adjourned and went home leaving the energy mess behind. Further, to prevent any commentary from the house floor while the House of Representatives was on "vacation," Speaker Nancy Pelosi, turned off the lights and the C-Span cameras. We understand that Speaker Pelosi also had the capital police prevent any assembly of Representatives on the House floor. Under public and Congressional pressure, the lights were turned back on and assembly of Representatives was permitted. But, the edict against the C-Span cameras continues.

The Louisiana Conservative Party, in the pattern of President Reagan's simple words here states, "Madam Pelosi, the House is the peoples's house, not your house."

After deliberation of Speaker Pelosi's actions, the Louisiana Conservative Party appeals to our Louisiana citizens who are upset with the House majority leadership to write your local Congressional Representative to create a bipartisan committee of the House of Representatives to establish rules for the operation of C-Span, all under the control of the House Clerk and not by any elected official.