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Suffering political damage, Nubian Queen takes on more

I suppose if anybody were looking for a nickname for state Sen. Yvonne Dorsey, she helpfully provided one: the Nubian Queen. That’s what she said she could be called after it was revealed in a childish letter she sent to her chamber colleagues she had called Gov. Bobby Jindal “Maharajah.”

Her Democrat comrades aren’t touching this one with a pole of any length, refusing comments about it or insisting they didn’t endorse any “racial slur.” In private, they must be fuming equally about Dorsey’s rhetoric, which also included calling Jindal a “blatant liar” (maybe) or “asinine” (definitely not, if referring to decisions to veto wasteful spending and an asinine legislator pay raise), and the fact the letter got made public because part of the liberal Democrat gambit is to accuse those against their redistributive policies to be “racists” (since redistribution is supposed to make up for the “racism” in society and government) and the remark of hers makes it easier to see what a joke that strategy is.

Particularly ironic, which Dorsey seemed too moronic to grasp, was in her calling Jindal “one more one-term governor.” This coming from a woman who won her first term in the Senate by exactly nine votes while Jindal steamrolled his gubernatorial opposition much like he did her policy preferences, such as his vetoing her request for taxpayers to foot the bill for a hot-air balloon festival for unspecified expenses and by making her work for a living with a real job by his veto of the raise (and preventing a massive hike in her retirement benefits taxpayers would dole out to her that she is eligible for despite her service only being part-time).

Jindal says he takes none of this personally. But that’s exactly how Dorsey takes it, and there is the crux of the matter. Unscrupulous politicians like Dorsey just want to suck money out of hard working Louisianans in order to support their lifestyles, either in payment of salary or by promising redistribution of resources to political supporters. Dorsey knows she barely scraped into her privileged lifestyle (after having served in the House of Representatives) and the shame she brought on herself through voting for the pay raise and her inability to deliver on her one earmark makes her even more vulnerable to fail in her reelection bid.

Idiots like Dorsey are a dime a dozen in politics but, but survival of the fittest also applies. Maybe some of her liberal pals in the Legislature have the same constipated views as she does but they had enough sense to keep their mouths shut and pens capped. Perhaps the single biggest political loser after Jindal vetoed the raise, besides cheerleader House Speaker Jim Tucker, was its author state Sen. Ann Duplessis, who herself narrowly twice has won her seat. After this incident, the Nubian Queen looks set to join her in that dishonor.

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