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Boasso's ineffective strategy flounders against Jindal

In yesterday’s posting I didn’t refer to the other major dwarf in the Louisiana governor’s race, Democrat state Sen. Walter Boasso, but the giant in the contest Republican Rep. Bobby Jindal also is causing him fits.

As a demonstration of such, last month Boasso’s camp proudly proclaimed that their polling showed him down only 31 points to Jindal in intended vote. As have other polls, this one showed a tremendously large base already established for Jindal, meaning opponents would have to go an extra mile in trying to defeat him: not only would they have to corral voters, but in order to get enough of them, they would have to find a way to detach them first from Jindal.

Boasso has been trying to detach, but ineffectively. Carrying around cardboard cutouts of Jindal in person and on broadcasts may tickle funnybones, but barely perceptible from it is Boasso’s message that Jindal has no substance especially since Jindal has made a lot of votes in Congress that seem to make a lot of Louisiana voters happy.

More substantively, Boasso also has run ads criticizing Jindal’s fairly congruent voting record to Pres. George W. Bush. Again, that’s not going to work that well in a state where Bush still has pretty decent approval ratings and the office in question has nothing to do with governing at the federal level. Jindal recently threw more cold water onto that strategy by contradicting it with his pledge (with the entire state congressional delegation) to vote to override a threatened presidential veto regarding in part flood protection projects for the state.

For attack ads to work, they must seem credible and relevant, and Boasso’s, who has staked the major part of his campaign on them concerning Jindal, don’t do well being either so he can’t begin to chip into Jindal’s support. While in the physical world Boasso’s bulk overshadows slender Jindal, in the political world Boasso still comes off puny compared to Jindal.


Anonymous said...

If in fact Boasso were to ever seriously threaten Jindal with a runoff and those asinine cardboard-cutout ads were to continue, Jindal has a ready-made coup-de-grace thanks to Boasso in future ads. He need only counter with a giant, fat balloon with Boasso's face on it and have three or four guys straining to pick it up and carry it off-camera.

Boasso really doesn't need to be getting into the whole fat-thin thing with Jindal. Nothing there for him but trouble.

Anonymous said...

If Boasso had been smart; he would have looked to the future and considered a run for the seat that Jindal is leaving and waited till Jindal was out of the Gov's office and then made a run for he's thrown that away.

Anonymous said...

Walter Blowhole is a complete clown. Enjoy your time off when you lose in October, fatass.