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Louisiana's bad storm luck ready to spawn more kookery

So, Louisiana is about to get whacked again as I write this. At least it’s headed to a largely uninhabited area. But it probably means flooding around Lake Charles, and maybe parts north, plus a good deal of destruction in Cameron Parish. More costly physical and economic damage now lies ahead.

In fact, it should be more costly that the re-breaching of two parts of levees along New Orleans’ Industrial Canal earlier today. That already pretty much was wiped out. On the west side or Orleans Parish they seem to be holding there. Still, even if this estimate may prove high, we’re looking at billions more dollars damaged in Louisiana.

I do hope lessons have been learned from Hurricane Katrina, and the early indications are regarding her sister Rita that they have been. Both Cameron and Lake Charles mobilized and got people out. Farther north, officials sound like they’re on top of matters, too. Even Gov. Kathleen Blanco is doing what she does best.

Unfortunately, the kooks are out already on this one. Bet we’ll see in the coming days how a better response concerning Rita is a consequence of Pres. George W. Bush being from Texas as opposed to letting the Democrat-controlled Louisiana twist (literally) in the wind. And more conspiracy theories since it was the mainly black, poor section of New Orleans that got re-flooded while the levees in the wealthier, mostly white Lakeview area held, that (pick your villain) the federal government, the Army Corps of Engineers, the state, the city, the Orleans Levee District, whoever, favored repairing the 17th Street Canal’s breach more strongly. Just you wait.

But while we wait on this idiocy, pray for all who may be affected by this continued bad luck.

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