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What's wrong with smaller, whiter, richer?

Referring to the repopulation of New Orleans, this says it all: “There is concern that it will be much smaller, whiter, richer …”

Whose concern? Is there a single thing wrong with a New Orleans that has a majority white population (it had one a half century ago)? Or is even half its previous size? Can anybody seriously suggest that there’s something undesirable about the city being richer?

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in its future, but logic tells us the poorer will be more likely to head out permanently. That and polls tell us blacks disproportionately will not return. This may be particularly the case if generous government-backed buyout efforts give them more money for their properties in floodplains like the “Nyent Ward” (say it like a Yat!) than they ever could have gotten on the open market. Whites, more likely to have resources to rebuild and the vested interests such as property to rebuild will be more likely to stay. And so who would think something is so amiss here?

Answer: Democrat politicians and political liberals, black elites in particular. At the state level, a congressional district will disappear, leaving probably no majority-black district in the state, a sure seat for a black liberal Democrat. At the local level, a political establishment controlled by black liberal Democrats inherited from white liberal Democrats probably would find itself out of power to conservative Republicans who likely would be white.

And would that be such a bad thing, after over a quarter-century of liberal Democrat black Lords of Misrule who drove the city into the ground?

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! Finally some one has the guts to say the truth!!!