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Libertarians join conservatives in LA GOP nominee madness

There's a budget still unresolved, a potential constitutional clash over school funding, and what am I writing about? The silliness that has overcome Louisiana Republicans, especially among its libertarian cohort, on display earlier today in Shreveport at the party's statewide convention.

During the nomination season for the state GOP, the popular vote in the primary phase gave a big victory to former Sen. Rick Santorum, and a smaller win to presumptive nominee (by party rules) former Gov. Mitt Romney. But party activists during the caucus phase gave a majority to Rep. Ron Paul. As noted, any whining by the conservatives in the party was unwarranted by the fact they had the chance to follow the rules as did the libertarians.

Yet with the shoe on the other foot, now it's the libertarians who complain about the rules of the process. Statements from their leaders moan about unfairness with rules promulgated only days before the convention was to meet by the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee that would allow the convention to meet with only a third present (Paul forces had 62 percent of the delegates), which is not unusual (I have served on bodies where that proportion served as a quorum) and others in order to maximize the chances that only genuinely-committed delegates for candidates other than Paul are selected for those candidates.

But the fact is, just as Paul opponents had to like it or not when Paul supporters took advantage of the caucus rules, the state party rules (Article XV) permit the RSCC to regulate in this fashion so Paul supporters just have to like it or lump it. And legal issues aside, at a moral level, Paul supporters kvetch about how these regulations violate some kind of spirit of the process, yet if they pursued plans to install as delegates for other candidates secret Paul supporters (which they deny they would), that most definitely violates the spirit of voter intentions.

The convention ended up splitting, with the minority empowered to run things. While the Paul forces boycotted, the remainder apportioned delegates, even leaving some blank to be filled later presumably by Paul supporters. And, yes, there was at least one arrest.

Making this all entirely banal is it means nothing at the national level. Even if Paul supporters hijacked delegates, at the national convention the Credentials Committee likely would overrule that, as it will be controlled by Romney forces (committees reflect the overall candidate proportions in composition). And even if they managed to get bogus delegates seated, it won't matter -- the rule binding delegates bound to a candidate in the first ballot ensures a Romney win, and they would be marginalized from any committee participation.

However, the destructive element comes in what it does to the state party relative to its ability to assist in elecitons. While those running for statewide and federal offices really don't need state party help, others, particularly for the Legislature, can use it at certain strategic times. It does the state's majority party no good in winning elections to have such pettifoggery emanating from it.

First it was the conservative faction, now it's the libertarian faction making mountains out of molehills to an insane degree. Throw in the state's Democrats doubling down on making themselves a permanent minority and in surveying this scene one can't help responding like Clipton at the very end of The Bridge Over the River Kwai over the state's political parties.


Anonymous said...

Uh, no. First there were enough Paul supporters to approve the even NEWER rules by the rules committee which ousted the old rules chair and put in NEW rules before the convention. That new chair is the one who had had hip replacement surgery and was injurred as the old guard had him dragged down, and was taken away by ambulence. Those present say his hip gave a loud snap as he hit the floor, Video is circulating widely on this. So THOSE rules overturned the other rules that the old guard had put in place and the supermajority of Paul delegates present, being over 2/3 elected the proper slate.

There is no doubt about this, there is tons of video. You will see it, if you look for it.

Anonymous said...

You Paulbots insist on spewing your venom. You are correct in one thng, yes there is plenty of video to show your ignorance of Roberts Rules. You should have beeen glad I was not the chair as I would have had you all hauled off in cuffs. At least the combative ones anyway. The sad thing of all of this is many of your group are good people who had good things to add to the platform and the process that would have been supported by the other side. However you came with a plan to disrupt and you executed your plan. Good luck with your fairytale rules, supermajority, and socalled elected delegates. You all can have fun in the parking lot in Tampa!

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of questions:

Did the RSCC change the rules? Did they have the authority to do so?

Anonymous said...

A question with a question, lets see how this goes. (If not the same anon, my apologies.)

No the RSCC did not, the Executive Committee of the RSCC added supplemental rules to protect the delegates that had been won by Santorum and Romney in the primary because the Paul people sought to seize them for their own. (I think thats called liberty by RP people.) The authority to add those rules were granted by the RSCC in adopted rules in may 2011. The Paul people say they could not accept last minute rules but had new rules to use and apply in their hands that only they had. You wanted to overreach at the expense of all Republicans in the state.
Now let me answer the question you refuse to answer.RP only recieved 6% in the primary, yet you wanted to force it to be 100%. I think you call that tyranny or something of the sorts.
Also lets talk about the false, deceitful,fraud committed on voters in all congressional districts except four were voters were misled into believing they were voting for Romney when in fact they were voting for Paul. Who put this material out at all caucuses? You guessed it RP people, but none of you condemn it and willingly accept the fruit of that deception. Yes RP has the moral high ground folks, so he says.

Mr. Harris Plutocrat said...

You can't get a bunch of southern conservatives in one room without hatred getting spewed at one another and somehow managing to kick democratic values in the nuts. Cheers to the LA GOP for demonstrating why the southern conservative movement has always been overloaded with a bunch of backwards facing bigots without the slightest appreciation for the democratic values that make this country great. Frankly, the Ron Paul supporters are better served by the Democrats anyway. RP supporters are really just liberals who don't subscribe to the culture wars garbage of extreme right, and who simply haven't given meaningful reflection on the real-world consequences of a militant capitalism that Adam Smith himself would have rejected. What Ron Paul supporters truly believe they are better off throwing their lot in with the Tammy Faye Baker and George Wallace wing of the Republican party?