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Why does Landrieu get free pass on finance scandal?

As the media and opponents of Republican Sen. David Vitter gear up to try to damage him again politically over an incident unrelated to his Senate service, strangely silence reigns concerning Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu’s campaign finance activities that have everything to do with honesty and integrity in the performance of her Senate duties.

A woman has come forward claiming that Vitter was briefly her client in prostitution eight years ago, with the only a passing grade on a lie detector test, which is not even admissible in a court of law, to back her up. Vitter has in the past denied the allegation, and has not been charged with any crime. Despite intense media coverage of Vitter’s admission of a “serious sin,” which he made clear affected his personal, not political, life, the public still supports him and the latest accusation about his past moral behavior seems unlikely to change that – even as the media floats stories quoting “experts” who mistakenly insist he will be damaged politically.

Yet the media seems curiously unconcerned about the relationship between Norman Hsu, prominent Democrat fundraiser recently jailed on suspicion of fraudulent activities, and Landrieu. Evidence mounts that Hsu raised possibly stolen money to bestow illegal campaign contributions through he and his associates to, among others, Landrieu, in her case to the tune of $14,700.

One media report from outside Louisiana said Landrieu said she planned to “divest” her campaign of these donations, again reiterated by her yesterday (but nearly two weeks after she first announced of the intent to divest). But other than that, nothing more has been done to follow up important questions, such as what exactly was the relationship between Hsu and Landrieu, why has she delayed doing this, and how exactly are these donations to be “divested?”

Nor has Landrieu provided any answers herself. A review of her website shows that while Landrieu, who’s never been in the military and never really had a job outside of elective office, is quick disagree with the trained military judgment Gen. David Petraeus who commands forces in Iraq, she does not at all address the important matter of this campaign finance scandal.

If Louisiana’s media aren’t going to do their jobs and ask her about this, the least she can do is volunteer the information, to show that she has nothing to hide and to clear up any misconceptions that might arise about her relationship with Hsu and his cronies. This matter of possible corrupt political activities that has touched her campaign strikes directly at her job as Senator, and the people of Louisiana are owed by her a full explanation of it.


Anonymous said...

Were is your column about "Why does Mike Powell get a free pass on his ethics and finance issue??"

Anonymous said...

This sounds like you've got a bad case of denial, my friend. Bringing up the alleged wrongs of Landrieu will not atone for the bold-face lies told by vitter throughout his entire career.

Jeff Sadow said...

To the anonymous commenter who meant "where" instead of "were," you need to read my previous post on that issue, and you must not have paid attention to both print and radio media in the state who eagerly reported on accusations about Powell and Democrat Sen. Robert Adley's bringing a complaint to the ethics board. The issue here is why hasn't the media asked Landrieu to account for her relationship, if any, with Hsu and why she hasn't herself provided an explanation.

In reference to the other anonymous commenter, Vitter has addressed, if only cursorily, his situation which has nothing to do with his job as a senator. Landrieu has not even done that concerning a matter that has a direct impact on her job as a senator. That is the crucial difference you appear to miss.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly, chasing whores can directly AND indirectly affect a man's duties as US Senator. More misleading propoganda from a GOP mouthpiece...

Of course you will all say it had nothing to do with his job as US Senator! But what was he doing in DC in the first place? Oh yeah, he was there to represent our state!

Parker said...

Apparently only Democrats are able to commit sexual indiscretions and keep them from affecting their job performance. Vitter was targeted because he's an affective spokesman for the Conservative cause. As is typical of the left, instead of debating the issues and trying to win hearts and minds, they seek the personal destruction of their opponents. If not directly through the Democrat party, then through their dubious mouthpieces like Larry Flynt. Vitter's just their latest target.

Anonymous said...

This is no conspiracy, Parker. It is now evident that Vitter was whoring in DC and in NOLA. All the while, playing the part of the ultra-conservative "family man."

Republicans have MORE of a right to be upset by this than Democrats do. After all, the Republicans were the only victims of this "bait and switch." However, most Republicans will choose to bury their heads in the sand and instead point to Clinton's scandal and to one of Landrieu's potentially toxic contributors.

Clinton got no pass from me, neither will Vitter or Landrieau for that matter.

However, any so-called "conservative" should be ESPECIALLY offended that one of their own has been outed as a womanizer. Hold him accountable, don't hide behind Clinton and Landrieu.

After all, when the smoke clears it will likely be Kennedy (R) who eventually takes Vitter's seat in DC. Let's hope John keeps his pants on!

Anonymous said...

However, any so-called "conservative" should be ESPECIALLY offended that one of their own has been outed as a womanizer.

Well one thing is certain that having a rapist and sexual predator in the Oval Office or a murderer in the Senate or a pimp in the house or even a House Page rapist does not even ESPECIALLY offend Democrats

Dennis said...

I find it amusing how liberals think all conservatives get upset by the sexual strayings of their political leaders. Personally I don't care. Many, if not most, of our past presidents had mistresses. That did not neccessarily make them imeffective.

However, until Clinton, I have never heard of any of them being accussed of sexual harassement or rape.

I find the association of our political leaders with thiefs like Hsu much more disturbing.

Anonymous said...

However, until Clinton, I have never heard of any of them being accussed of sexual harassement or rape.

I find the association of our political leaders with thiefs like Hsu much more disturbing.

You cant shame a Democrat......System people are bought and paid for and as long as they are getting theirs they don't care about ethics ,integrity or honesty

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sadow It is OK for Mary to get a pass once again because she is a democrat and the media loves people of this persuasion. Besides their spid doctors are busy at work shoveling barnyard material over the issue. Your piece stands!