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Breaux's right choice to defer race made for wrong reason

In the final analysis, Maryland resident John Breaux’s decision not to pursue the state’s governor’s office in 2007 was right for Louisiana Democrats, right for Louisiana … and for the wrong reasons.

Breaux and his allies in one voice said this decision was a product of the contest becoming one as much about his eligibility to run as it was about issue confronting the state. These remarks show that, right up to the end, Breaux and these people still had absolute no understanding about what the real issues are.

Because they never would have said such things if they truly understood that perhaps the major issue confronting the state in this election was whether Louisiana law should be subverted, twisted, contorted, and bent out of shape to continue to protect the political fortunes of those most responsible for the policies that have dragged down Louisiana for so long. The major issue of the election was whether Louisiana would sell it soul to try to stop reformist impulses from reversing the state’s slide.

This fundamental and uncomplicated thought largely eludes the Breauxs of the world, and all of the liberal, populist, good-old-boy hangers-on who he has represented all of his political career. In their political world, which reflects reality as a shadow reflects an object, they see themselves as the good whose right it is to control government to prevent people of evil intent from holding power – defined by them as those who have the talent to gather and create any wealth, business who by their definition exploits people, moral crusaders who believe government service is a privilege and sacrifice made and not a chance to accumulate wealth and power, and those other special interests who are not their friends and allies.

Thus, they are left incredulous when a fuss is made over their attempts to violate the integrity of the polity, because they see this violation as necessary and good to “save Louisiana.” It is why they cannot see their acts not only as not the most important issue in such a campaign, but as an issue at all. They call it the “politics of personal destruction” when in fact this is issue is best described as the “politics of constitutional integrity.”

Breaux now refuses to reenter the scene, which is a blessing for Democrats whose other candidates for other offices would have faced voters’ wrath for their association with him. As far as “saving Louisiana,” that will best happen if those who think like him on this account who still hold elective office in the state are escorted involuntarily from their positions of power by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Jeff what do you think this does for the other Republican candidates, Boasso and Georges? I noticed that Georges has more money than Jindal in the bank -- $5.5 million!

Apparently Landrieu won't run --

Jeff Sadow said...

Now that you mention it ...

Well, we'll see in a posting later this week. Got to keep people in suspense somehow ...