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Jindal candidacy to trigger liberal Democrat mudslide

The worst-kept secret in recent Louisiana politics is official: U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal will run for governor this year. By all indications at this time he will win. And because of that distinct possibility, expect both state and national Democrats will pull out absolutely every stop to somehow prevent this from happening.

Despite his newness to electoral politics, Jindal showed he had an affinity for it with his close loss, due to inexperience, for the office in 2003. Then, and until present in his job in Congress he has articulated a convincingly conservative agenda that makes him dangerous to the entrenched special interests and professional government elites they support (whether elected or appointed) that currently run Louisiana.

But what really concerns them and has the national Democrat apparatus very concerned is he brings this message as an ethnic minority member in America. A large part of the liberal Democrat cabal’s incessant chant for decades has been that conservatives and Republicans like only white people and promulgate public policies this sect demonizes – like insisting on merit not skin color for rewards, having government empower people rather than itself and special interests, and rejecting the mindless assertion that the American economic and social systems are irreparably stacked against ethnic minority groups to the point that only powerful, intrusive government must redistribute, now and forever, resources to make it right.

Jindal’s message and ascendancy shows the negative characterization liberal Democrats try to foist on the conservative agenda to be bankrupt, and that’s what really frightens them, to be unmasked as the unprincipled hustlers of power that they are who care about the mass public and racial minorities in America only insofar as they can use them to acquire power and privilege, because that’s the only way they could ever get it. The last thing they want to have happen is for a conservative Republican like Jindal to show symbolically what the wise and learned at the intellectual level of the argument have known about for some time, the utterly contrafactual and illogical tenets of liberalism which doom it to public policy failure every time, reducing it to a mere cover story for liberal elites to try to exploit the public.

Liberal Democrats desperately want to stop Jindal now, because should he win this fall and then serve two terms as governor without extensive controversy, in his mid-40s he would be just as unstoppable a presidential candidate as he now appears to be in regards to Louisiana’s governorship. As such, expect a huge effort from state Democrats to support an alternate candidate, and from national Democrats to throw big resources at backing the most vicious negative campaign against a statewide political figure the state ever has seen.

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