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Jindal now targeted by national mainstream media

Wonder why the media have been looking at Republican presidential contenders for three years, 11 months from now, and paying quite a bit of attention to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal? The push on to make him the frontrunner way in advance has more to do with the left’s agenda than covering a good horse race.

Ever since Jindal succumbed to the electoral politics bug, liberals have recognized the danger he presents to their agenda. Jindal does not apologize for his conservatism but neither does he come off as much of an ideologue; he articulates it well both at a philosophical level but also in terms that demonstrate its superiority to the typical citizen; and, worst of all from the liberal perspective, his life to date explodes the myths of racism and upper-class warfare that liberals desperately want to con Americans into thinking, particularly when it comes to conservatives and Republicans.

The only missing ingredient that could make Jindal a virulent political force against liberalism, now with its most complete control over policy-making at the federal level in history, is a sustained record of success in governance. A candidate with this quality not only would win a decision in 2012 over president-elect Barack Obama, given that Obama appears at this point not be to wavering from his stated agenda, but would score a Reaganesque knockout of Democrats and liberals.

Smart liberals know two things, that if they really do try to implement their agenda they are going to make quite a mess of things principally economically, and that they cannot allow conservative candidates with credibility who effectively communicate the flaws and internal contradictions of liberalism contrasted to conservatism to emerge to point out the problems the undiluted Obama agenda is sure to bring. As things go sour on many fronts, they have to be able to distort and to distract to deflect the public from making this realization.

If Jindal can establish a good governing record to go along with superior communication, liberals lose. They can’t do much about the communication aspect, but they can try to frame Jindal’s record. And this is where the media, who will provide many willing, if not eager, allies, can come into play.

By focusing on Jindal now, they want to be there every step of the way to control the public’s image of him. This is a longer-term version of the tactic utilized against Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the wake of her vice presidential nomination, where because of the compressed nature of the campaign quicker hits with less time for rebuttal from forces outside of the media made her easier prey. With Jindal, they want to be able to spot episodes that potentially can be exploitable to damage Jindal’s credibility, and only through constant monitoring can this be maximized.

History shows that the presumed “frontrunners” in presidential nomination contests often fare poorly, precisely because there is so much attention paid to them that any warts discovered can be emphasized time and time again to fatigue potential supporters. Worse for Jindal, that he is an ethnic minority member and conservative invites, if history is any guide, even more media scrutiny and criticism (such as that paid to another potential GOP presidential candidate of the future, former Ohio Sec. of State Ken Blackwell).

So let’s recognize this mainstream media attention for what it is for many: the opening salvo of a national campaign that hopes to neutralize Jindal as a force to be reckoned with in 2012. Whether he will be able to resist that will depend in part on his political skills, and some may be fortune simply beyond his control. Regardless, the battle is commenced.


75vega said...

By this vast MSM conspiracy of yours Prof. are you referring to this Washington Post article?

And wasn't this article, along with so many others, precipitated by Governor Jindal's decision to go to Iowa last weekend?

If your theory that the MEDIA is setting up Jindal for a fall is accurate then it seems that it's a game Team Jindal is willing to play.

An equally reasonable assessment however would be that the GOP is in utter disarray and your demon MEDIA in all its intellectual snobbishness is actually trying to show Republicans that they have a prospect who can name one major daily or periodical and who might, just might, know that Africa is not a country.

Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

75vega, ask someone who was there instead of drinking the KoolAid like my freshman students:

I accept your apology on behalf of Governor Palin.

Anonymous said...

Hey vega, no lectures about anyone else's intelligence from Obama supporters of whom 57% didn't know which party controlled Congress.

Sorry dude, you lose.


75vega said...

I can't believe you people think that Palin would be a better choice than Jindal. Just shows how far into the weeds you have gone.

Anonymous said...

Er Vega ... I've read and re-read the two comments above yours (and they are above yours in every single way) and no one actually made any comparison between Palin and Jindal.

Oh well ... typical Obama supporter.